“I am what I am”

9 thoughts on ““I am what I am”

  1. That quote is an apology to Shakespeare. Iago says ” I am not what I am”.
    There are a few poems posted a couple of years back. should be down somewhere! They are there for your perusal.
    in between, for a couple of years or so, I neither had a system nor net connection.
    Now I am back and planning to publish a magazine soon.

  2. The quote from Iago is chilling, indeed. Reminds me of what the abuser Jimmy Saville said when interviewed by the psychologist Anthony Clare: ‘What you see is what you get.’ I prefer yours. Will look up your poems. Good luck with the magazine idea.

  3. Thanks a lot. The magazine is named THE WAGON MAGAZINE both in print and e-formats. with in this weekend the e-format advanced mock-up would be ready. I will mail you the link and would expect your opinions. Print issue would be introduced only in the month of April 2016. Once again thanks for the encouraging words.

  4. THANKS for liking my post on WONDERFUL WORLD OF CARTOONS in ENVIUS THOUGHTS through https://nvsr.wordpress.com
    It is good that you will be back in your magazine after a pause for a couple of years.
    Yes: ” I AM WHAT I AM” is great as one should be not imitating, aping others.

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