That Picasso Thing by John Smallshaw

That Picasso thing.

Exciting in its complexity
and when it hits you
its simplicity astounds you
when all around you
people search their
whole lives long
for that
one song
and the heart already knows it

and you’ll know it too when,

concentrates your mind
you will find

it in all its complexity yet full of simplicity
totally as if poetically
the waves will crash against your shore
what more could we ask for?

With Keki N Daruwalla

With Keki N Daruwalla

On the eve of departure from Delhi, I was invited to accompany Madhu and Dibya to meet Keki N Daruwalla. I introduced the magazine to him. in turn, he presented me a copy of his book- UNDER ORION. Usha Akella‘s name popped up when we were in discussion. When I shown him the copy of the magazine which carried her poems and interview by Kerry J Donavan, he eagerly asked for a copy and I obliged. Thanks to Madhu and Dibya

The first Tamil play

இந்திரா பார்த்தசாரதி

Recently I came across a note about Prof.Sundaram Pillai, the author of ‘Manonmaniyam’ (1891), a verse play in Tamil, in one of the books  that narrates  the history of Tamil literature for the school students, that ’Prof. Sundaram ‘( as ‘pillai’ referred to his caste affiliation, to be politically correct, it was dropped)  ‘ not only has contributed a song for worshipping our Tamil  Goddess but  has also written a play called ‘Manonmaniyam and it is the first play in Tamil’

What is now sung as the language anthem is an invocation poem and is an intrinsic part of the play ‘Manonmaniyam’ and as such, the poem and the play are not two different works,. Secondly, it is not the first play in Tamil.

Very little is known about the first play , called “ Pratapa Chandra Vilasam’ ( not to be confused with ‘Pratapa Mudaliyar Charithiram’  by Mayuram Vedanayakam…

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