“the souls fly away” by Anna Maria Mangione-28 September 2013

I learned to silently observe the evolution of events
the succession of incredible changes
changes and, disappointments
almost, I did not do more ‘evil.
It ‘s just a moment, a brief pang that rends the heart,
but then I realize and strong breath
and think and reflect, and I conclude that
everything changes:
our face and those in their care
and the soul,
Now bitter sweet now.
I’m the same I create the conditions for this to happen
maybe I just think I know how to give, love
and instead
or love too much or too little
i do not lose enough, i’m not as tolerant
And transigente.
I see around me souls that dance, twirl and woo me,

then disappear, they dissolve, and I, I can only
silently thank God for the joy
had to have them in my way,
for a day, for a month, for a year or for a long time.
Thanks to those who know how to love my strength serene and
my calm wild! Kiss! _____ANNA___________


Anna Maria Mangione – September 28, 2013