Three Poems

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Archita Mittra 

A Day In Kashmir

you were born in a world of rainbow
mountains and whimsical skies, learning
to swim in sunrise-stained lakes
and rivers forged of snow-ice, pure
as mother’s love. you had a name
to belong to and a history to protect.
you who lived in the dreams of god
and walked in fields sans borders.

this is how you remember childhood,
a remnant of a past life or a half-forgotten
dream that you keep alive by painting
it over and over, till you believe fiction
as fact. this is how you live, watching
someone die each day for no reason
that you bring to life each night, in your
re-constructed past, that they burnt down

the way they burnt down your home,
with children inside, on a midsummer
night, when the skeletal forests longed
to become their own funeral pyre,
when the barren mountains…

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