Long Dark Moon – A Poem by Aden Thomas

Poetry Breakfast

Long Dark Moon

One day you feel the light from a sunken place.
You’d missed it all the times before
on your way across the surface.
If you linger you can think its depths into existence.
No one notices but the world.
You lie in bed that night and watch shadows
turn into the future you hoped was true.
When you close your eyes
sleep comes like wind through trees,
and soon, those shadows slip inside your breath.
You dream the long dark moon runs naked through the sky
like an animal in the costume of a dreamer.
She drops to earth in an empty field.
Dirt softens between her toes.
Frost is her night gown.
She looks back at a sky without her form.
She smiles, then moves in the direction of your window.

About the Poet:
Aden Thomas grew up in central Wyoming. His work has been featured…

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