How to explain poetry to hens

Veronica Aldous - Poetry and Art


How to explain poetry to hens

First there are sound-colours, then pecking at tiles
Hiding behind  stalks and murmuring sorrows
You may feel an idea coming, but not just yet
It’s more of  a shallow burp at the moment.

There is plenty more to be had from the feed
And then there is that great big red cock
Who is no euphemism, he’s a right distraction
His wattle all a-quiver with emotion.

Sometimes I scratch for hours, there are lean pickings
Indigestible husks, pebbles and maybe a tail feather
From something that happened in 1977
I could use as inspiration.

It’s all eggs with you ladies
You are useful
I’m just a poet

But at least I can get a thought fox in my sights
When he comes creeping  in his long black stockings
Through the shocked meadow
He’ll not  be breaking my neck for fun
Anytime on a Tuesday evening in June.

Veronica Aldous…

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