The Vital Act of Burying – A Poem by Frank Joussen

Poetry Breakfast

The Vital Act of Burying

burying your dreams
requires many shovels:
the flat, broad “I´ll-do-
it-no-matter-what” one
as well as the tiny, sharp
the-truth” one

it has different tempi,
too, ranging from
the frantic “I´ll-work-
or till I bite it, to
the nerve-wrecking “I´ll-drill-

only the mid tempo and the
medium-sized shovel may
give you the chance to un-
earth something in the process:
the hatchet in the war against your self,
which you should have buried deeper
and deeper in the first place.

About the Poet:
Frank Joussen has published two selections of poetry, one of them being a bilingual collaboration with Romanian poet Ana Cicio, and has edited two international anthologies of poetry/fiction in India. His poems and short stories have also been published in a variety of (print and online) literary magazines and anthologies in G.B., Ireland, Germany, Romania, Malta, the U.S.A…

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