Fighting Political Correctness — Civilly

Yonason Goldson

DissentConservatives across America are cheering University of Chicago dean John Ellison for his recent letter informing incoming students that they may have to suffer the indignity of confronting people they don’t agree with and ideas that make them uncomfortable.

Needless to say, the position was immediately denounced by zealots who sincerely believe that the only way to preserve intellectual freedom is by muzzling any and every utterance that they find threatening to their own feelings and worldview.

The sad reality is that there are racists and sexists in the world, just as some people are intellectually dishonest and plain rude.  (Some of them are running for president of the United States.)

But people such as these will not go away or change their stripes because others attempt to silence them.  The only effect of censorship is to drive people into more insulated camps and encourage their withdrawal into more extreme factions…

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