Sanskrit and cosmic energy.

இந்திரா பார்த்தசாரதி

Today there was an interesting news item in TOI that if one were to study and speak the Sanskrit language, the possibility of her/his becoming a genius is not remote. Reason: it is a scientific language in the sense that ‘when it is written and spoken it helps maintain the balance between the left and right hand side of our brain hemisphere’. One can experience, it is said, the cosmic energy ,while conversing in this language.It is also argued that there are therapeutic advantages in learning this languages for those who suffer from cleft palate. No surgery is needed to  set it right.Just speak Sanskrit!

I do not understand why the study of Sanskrit needs to be sold in this manner. For all I know, Sanskrit, as we know now was never a spoken language  of the common man,  in any part of the country, now known as Bharat.  One…

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