Poem by John Smallshaw

Mapping it out.

No barons down in Earls court and no Surrey in the quays
the underground’s a mess if names are things that please
in Raynors lane there’s rain again
in Catford there are mice
in Epping it is epic and I think that’s awful nice,
In Battersea there is no sea
in Clapham they don’t clap
at shooters hill they don’t shoot guns
and Network East’s a trap.

In Stepney there are several steps
in deptford they sink under debts
nothing gets me on my way than to pass through Green lanes, Harringay, now I don’t know many gays down there but I’m friends with some
up in Sloane square
no Knights in Knightsbridge anymore
no Kings at Kingly court
Bradford’s not in Bingley either
neither here nor there nor in Trafalgar Square will you see any ships

bur the underground’s a fabulous place for going out on trips.


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