The Day They Discovered Gravitational Waves

Poetry from John Looker

Time was there were Han philosophers
      standing on a hilltop at night
            naming the Mansions of Heaven;
       later, Galileo Galilei
            weeping with joy at the moons of Jupiter.

Now, in sightless tunnels
      beams from lasers have shivered
            at ancient astral events –
      and men and women around the world
           pore over computations                       

in awe at the mathematics:
       the Universe in its infancy
            had arched its back and roared
       and they can feel
            the exhalation of its breath.

© John Looker 2016


”  The two LIGO gravitational wave detectors in Hanford Washington and Livingston Louisiana have caught a second robust signal from two black holes in their final orbits and…

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