aging children – A Poem by j.lewis

Poetry Breakfast

aging children

why do songs last longest
longer even than the memory
of smells that call us home
my mother sang her mother’s songs
as i sing hers to you
too small to join the chorus
but that will come

that will come
when time and growing spin you
make star trails in your sky
lullabies will fade to whatever
is popular at the moment
but in the isolated nights
always the little tunes

always the tunes
that cement you in place
along the branching scrawl
you will sing them to yourself
or to a budding leaf that you
yourself have molded
you age, it’s true, but rhymes
and melodies do not

melodies do not
leave us alone or lonely
like sap that ebbs in autumn
rises again in spring, the voiced
love that taught a hundred mothers past
will teach a thousand yet to come
as children come, and…

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