‘Women in Translation’ Month, and 5 New or Forthcoming Books by Arab Women

Arabic Literature (in English)

This August marks the third annual Women in Translation month, held with the aim of encouraging readers, reviewers, publishers, booksellers, and librarians – but especially readers – to engage with women writers in translation:

i-read-womenintranslation-logoWomen writers represent only about 30 percent of what’s translated into English. “And,” Women-in-Translation-month founder Meytal Radzinski writes over at her introduction to #WITMonth, “if you don’t mind me throwing in some anecdotal evidence as well, women writers in translation seem significantly less likely to get profiled by major literary outlets and are less likely to have their books sent for review.”

Meytal is curating lists of women’s writing in translation on Twitter (@Biblibio). German translator and “Translationista” Susan Bernofsky also has a list of recommended new works over at her blog that include Palestinian-Chilean novelist Lina Meruane’s stunning Seeing Red (2016), translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell, as well as…

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