With rain in mind

Bart Wolffe


That leaden rain slanting down, listen now;

Pencils of sound, a pointillist punctuation

Weighting the earth, grey lines, going outside

And feeling it on my hair, pitting my shoulders,

Something real, words that carry conviction

In each drop, in fact no longer is air above still

But it’s dancing now, the motion of an energy

That moves time stitching long wet curtains

Pulling down the clouds, anchoring them back

To ground to begin the cycle once more,

This turning and this dispelling of inertia,

A repetition where unlike myself, no heartbeat

Is necessary and yet the pulse starts, stops,

Starts again and goes away to come back

Another day. I just watch and wonder.

It is a voice when I have no company,

It is an idea in motion, one which when

I was barefoot and carefree saw me splash

In mud puddles, squelch toes in…

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