The Foureyed Poet

It had been too quiet until the darkness

swallowed the remaining light

within that moment at the idyllic result

the free and easy mood had gone

as from beneath the sea onto the beach

the creatures had found a breach!

Swarming coming from deep down below

the few soon became thousands

unaware locals and tourists intermingled

as the danger came ever closer

through a new rift from another dimension

had rapidly made their ascension!

Created by nature’s onward destruction

battling against human aggression

innocence was about to be annihilated

like a plague would destroy

the monsters converged on humanity

adding to the growing insanity!

Laughter from the clubs began to climb

dancing shouting and singing

a new sound penetrated the joyful mix

nothing like it heard before

as a black mass started breaking through

on the flesh these things did chew!

They had an intelligence moving forward

an advancing invading army

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