The corporation muck cart.

The corporation muck cart.

Dance with a demon
or shuffle the clouds
wear star spangled banners
atop your white shrouds

top floor, going down.

I watched the distant destruction
and drank in the wine
like the time that I drank in the
she was mine.

Blood diamond sparkle bright
not so much as you last night

it’s futile

give me an inch and they take a mile
to build a
facial recognition automated

top floor, going down.

the ruination of us all
no humpty
or dumpty
a virtual wall?

and nothing is real ‘cept the feel of cold steel that they roll into balls and build square cellular walls

prisons and bars that they’ll build up on Mars, the Moon being too near for them to cage men

give me a pen and a river of ink, give me a mountain to climb, let me think

there’s a chance of redemption
but they post out an exemption
another dance with the demon
and more clouds to paint

life ain’t what you make it,
it ain’t.


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