Two Poems by Carolyn Adams

Poetry Breakfast

Why Are You Angry with the Moon?

It’s a simple satellite.
It can’t help its pull
on the tides.
The moon’s round dumb
face smiles at us,
a not-quite-there cousin,
perhaps, or a conversant
lingering too long
after the chat has ended.
It can’t help that
the only thing it remembers
is to travel
in a circle.
It can’t help
that your face is new
and strange
every morning.

The Great Vacuity

We, some of us,
live out of habit.
We don’t think about it,
we don’t plan, we
don’t even breathe the wonder
that’s all around us.
Our thoughts, reflexes, really,
fleet through us
on their way to
the great vacuity.
And we’re left
standing there.
Wondering when
the snow appeared.

About the Poet:
Carolyn Adams’ poetry and art have been published in numerous journals, including Skylark Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Forge Journal. She is author of four…

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