Missing Out by Ally Malinenko

Your One Phone Call

The Times like to publish articles
about how we’re all addicted to our phones
to our little digital lives
in which we are the reigning kings and queens.
The Times likes to talk about how we’re all afraid
that what is happening on that little screen
is somehow better than what is happening here.

That we are missing out on a life that is better than one we are actively living.

And that is mostly the reason why I don’t have one.
I’m terrified of the internet
of the world that exists there
especially for people who try to make things.
That your life could be siphoned down to
a clawing need for the universe to offer you a food pellet
a small bit of ego-stroking for a job
quasi-well done.

What if the last thing I do before the blood clot hits my brain is stare at that blue…

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