Divide & Rule by Gemma Howell

Your One Phone Call

Western combat forces
launch triumphant mission
to rid
the world of bloodstained dictators.

Wrong turn.
Vaunted weapons of mass destruction.
Wrong turn.
Misadventures in the East.
Wrong turn.
New democracy insecure.

Bush’s lonely refusal to heed calls
to cut and run.
Obama strikes a good war
instead of a dumb one.

Wrong turn.
Sectarian bloodletting.
Wrong turn.
Invasion debated.
Wrong turn.
Bleeding economically
at home.

Unemployment stuck.
Debts as high- as the eye can see.
Yet even in the age of austerity,
superpower still towers
over all corners of military power.
For a world to be free?

Wrong turn.
Iraq in the twinkle of an eye.
Wrong turn.
Negligible losses fly.
Wrong turn.
Subduing is harder.
Wrong turn.
We swallowed the lie.

Eastern terror forces launch
counter mission to rid the world
of Capitalist dictators.

Wrong turn.
Attack on humanity.
Wrong turn.
Attack on diversity.
Wrong turn.
Civil war is…

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