The end of the affair – 100 Word Story – Friday Fictioneers

Björn Rudbergs writings

This picture from Jan Morrill is the prompt for my first entry in Friday Fictioners. Stories can be poetry too, so I decided to write it in iambic hexameter. Hope you like it, and I hope I’m not violating any “rules”.

The alley looked like all the others I had searched,
Should be a blue door with a lemon tree inside,
and as was told, there was the fabled door again.

I knocked and knocked again, and she came out to meet.
Her smile a little hesitant today, but then she grinned.
“Oh, please come in, and make yourself at home” she said
I passively obeyed, but missed her welcome kiss

And suddenly a smiling man appeared to greet.
“I’m John” he said, “and friends of Kate’s are also mine”
I spent the evening with her family and friends
In early morning after left, and never called…

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