Body Bags by Pablo Doherty

I am not a silent poet

I passed the break of day
With polished boot in hand
My head engulfed in thoughts
Of someday fighting for my land
Though not the journey I
As youth had planned
Their lies have brought me here
To this command

Crowds stood still with pride
And cheered our final call
In trepidation we stared back
Engrossed in just the beauty of it all
Then in that moment
Your last kiss I did recall
Soft, as into a grave
The flowers did fall

Till that last day your touch
Did dance within my dreams
And eased my heart to peace
Amid the deafening screams
This place is not in films
We have seen
It’s makes a human lifeless,
Cruel and mean

A dirty war for oil
The correspondent said today
But is there such
In any other way
For those who send us
Mere children out to slay
Must answer for…

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