Worque by Aad de Gids

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

sitting inbetween a certain homeliness and quick leave for worque as I do for, well but for two months 42 years now and still content with the line of work which in fact is the nursing and helping of sick people societally and logistically named “work” but you live at work too. I am also never the exotic intruder not inf(l)ected with this one of this particular “disease”: through the years my vision on “sick” and “healthy” have been almost reversed fully. inversed, inside out, top to the cellar and bottom up. “sickness” rather is an attribute of “health”. of being. and as the years since 1974 accreted I have seen the society itself become “sick”, psychotic, cancerous, cantankerous, obnoxious. this suffuses all, imbued within these “sociuses” everywhere, the world is globalised now and, well, kind of borderless. the fish with mercury and lead in them, the lions and gorillas…

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