centripetal centrifuge by Aad de Gids

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

tick on the icon a forefeld materialises, tick the enter the programme is

preparatory opening unto the squad of the horror vacuii well we all must

encounter it at some times in our lives again a hollowed out commentmusic

commentless drives the broken notes and envelope words forward to daß

himmlischen Feld unseeable but felt. billowing trees by rain and wind

make the evening beautiful as they can be just seen through the rain that

at daytime never was however now, spurred by some diurnal urgency spat

and dapple on all the leaves of all sorts of trees and shrubs and littlest

weeds wayward and sideways soothening our bare feet uplifing our soul

the programme sends a shiver through the poetry I, thus far created that it,

wen I take a break, stores what already is on the hypothetical cybernetic

page and with necessary pauses there shall be a naturality…

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