True Believers by Michael Peck

I am not a silent poet

flat world believers
of endless growth
ignoring those being pushed
off the edge
their screams and tears
lost beneath the noise of
stock exchange excitement
the sweet sound of profit
our leaders say
we have to
continuously grow
our economy
our power
our influence
if we are to survive and
afford an army
to protect us
Those who do not share
our dreams
destroy them
we can not support
those who
don’t stand with us
everyone must do their share
being willing to sacrifice
but the ones speaking
did not sacrifice
those on the edges
kept being pushed closer
to that final fall
trying to push back
toward the center
where it was safe
the riot police
formed a line
them back
they knew the finale solution
the only room
was over the edge
no one seemed
to question

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