They Say I am a Hero by Merryn Juliette

I am not a silent poet

~ mourn not the dead, their suffering is over

When did I become the hand of God

to pick and choose the dead and living

A father drowns as children climb

around his neck like mice they cling

Young mother dives for her dead babe

her mind lost in disbelief

yells and kicks at those who grab

~and just the keening sound of grief

And they say I am a hero

eighteen lives were saved they said

but it does not feel like that…  a hero

least not to me,  not to the dead…

Will I ever live a peaceful moment

ever erase the faces seen

sinking, screaming, begging, accusing

do a hundred hide behind eighteen

So let the papers tell the stories

the Gory, Glory, Hallelujahs

Tell big stories, bigger than truth

on paper to wipe a hypocrite’s arse

To give me hope,  that I can stuff

into my…

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