Three Personas of Twilight – A Poem by R. Bremner

Poetry Breakfast

Three Personas of Twilight

Twilight, the seeker
sounds its bell
in soft, dark-prism’d

like some skulking owl,
preens its feathers
in lustful anticipation
of its sultry descent.

Lone survivor
of a perished kind
and child
of the last Great Wizard,
old Twilight stoops
to share with us
the tattered remains
of his ancient magic
for an hour each day.

About the Poet:
R. Bremner, of Glen Ridge via Lyndhurst, NJ, USA, is a former cab driver, truck unloader, security guard, computer programmer, and vice-president at Citibank. He writes of dead kings and many things he can’t define, the clutter in your mind, and the color of time. Ron was in the very first issue of Passaic Review, along with Allen Ginsberg. He has appeared in   International Poetry Review, Oleander Review, Paterson Literary Review, Yellow Chair Review, and Poets Online (20 times) and sundry elsewheres.  Please…

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