Slowly I watch the verdant sward

Bart Wolffe


Those of us who pass by the crowded path

That overhung with brambles, nettles, green intrusion

Are making our inevitable way towards an ending

Although life’s exuberance surrounds us.

We are the revenants who have survived,

Now our shadows follow in our footsteps

To remind men of the abundant sap,

The uncontained and untamed push

That is nature’s way.

But as a season changes, will come again

The bare and barren branches

And we will still tread the cold air

With the wind’s companionship on our backs

And in our empty heads hear it echo history.

On a kitchen sill potted stems fed

From sunlight through the window.

Beneath their twisted shapes some law declared

That growing force I envy. For once, like them,

I was energy unbound, urged on and upward,

Full with seed and greedy as a pigging bee for pollen.


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