a nomad in cyberspace

Here’s the finished poem. The first three and last five lines are mine, all others are credited. Their sites are well worth a visit.

See the clouds as they
Keep trying to catch the moon,
Yet still she breaks free

To sail so gently across
The sea of infinity.

As stars blink sightless
With light long dead and worlds sore lost
In the murk of time                                    Opher
She jumps to oblivion to
Surface in the cosmic stream,

The light that binds us
Mesmerising our souls joy -
Cosmic lovers flying                                    Sam1128

To meet the morning.
Will the sun bless their union
Or tear it apart,

Retreat to shadows holding
Transitions of time                                      memadtwo
Grown long in dusk sun?
Watch as all evaporates,
Melting breath of cloud and wind                christine valentor To nothing. Whole galaxies Fade to blue before the dawn. Time returns and we Wear morning on our faces To…

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