A lily pad within

Björn Rudbergs writings

Metamorphosed, by a pine marten’s
brush, she was watercolored smooth,
then scalpel sculptured, a lily formed,
to model muse, a she for she, a pioneer
Postulated penis envy, contradicted
with a crave for uterus, how can you
explain it Dr. Freud? Maybe it’s not
coded X or Y, but it’s not sex or why
the separation into public restrooms,
but a deeper felt emotion, that within
your shell, there is a lily growing.

Lili Elbe by Gerda Wegener Lili Elbe by Gerda Wegener

Today we are revisiting old prompts with Sherry at toads. I had missed them all, but today I did Shay’s prompt on the art of Gerda Wagener. Of course I had to weave in some of the background of her model Lili Elbe who was originally her husband Einar. I will also link this to poetry pantry tomorrow morning.

May 21, 2016

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