Gay Media Stereotypes by Chris Iles

I am not a silent poet

Don’t want to be twink, bear, cub, otter, muscle, military
Rather be fairy at top of Xmas tree
Sprinkling angel dust!
Silver fox skulking

Rather than Daddy! Gym grooming
Dominant active
Boring bland, confirming to gay type tyranny
Want to be me!

Hairy older type will gay world then accept me?
Rather be old hippie challenging masculine stereotype
Cloned by gay world into cold fantasy
No fems, fats, ‘real men’ only!

Kitsch camp muscle
Sold on app American body beautiful
Looking for straight man who happens to be gay!
Real men don’t need muscles to prove their men

Or haven’t you heard in your latest porno?
Tops and bottoms strict role playing
Im fluid flesh
Not six pack, love myself love me

Dylan, Jagger, Bowie upset male supremacy
Of plastic pose
Can I only be a bear to be older?
Will I then fit in your folder

Mirror on mirror?

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