Interior Design

Elan Mudrow

Wood Engraving by Howard  Phipps Wood Engraving by Howard Phipps

I adorn my interior

With sticks of wood furniture

I like better than other

Sticks of wood furniture.

I decorate with images

Carefully copied printed

or freehanded,

Upon canvas and paper

Meeting my criteria of

What images should look like…..splattered

Upon canvas, prints, and paper.

I meticulously vacuum rugs

Placed into squared perfection,

In line with walls and molding

While other rooms contain

Wall-to-wall carpet,


Every space of the naked floor.

The desk is situated

Where desks belong,

Until the harebrained scheme

Moves it to another location.

It returns to its former self, later.

Refrigerators and ovens

Never move. They’re boring.

I chase televisions

Throughout the house,

They constantly move.

They can’t be trusted.

I use the backdoor

As my front door,

Until someone knocks,

Then, I became confused.

I place the bookcase

Where all can see it.

Collectables of varying worth,


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