At the beginning

borderline crossing

“Exclamation point!!!” said me.

The wheels of the brain are churning and driving along with this thought, I turned into the driveway and paused. What is there? Anywhere? I can move but every room is empty.

Fear begins at birth.

Are they smiling at me?

Confusion sets in. Memories flood the senses. You hear the first cry, your own. A wail! You were set free and dropped into a larger sea of stale air and ugly words.

I just can’t get this life right.

I just cant!
I’ll bring everyone down with me.

Who means anything? To anyone? They don’t treat me right and no one understands. The great teachers, full of wisdom, bleed words. I drink their life in hopes my heart beats strong. Yes! I get it and I see and why can’t their wisdom be what drives the masses?

Chaos rules the world. A drop of rain…

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