A harsh reality….my bony girl


I have always wanted my blog to be cheerful,I have always desired as you read my blog it must be the reason of the smile at the corner of your lips.
But today I am going to share something which I have tried to pen down a thousand times but incessantly failed because recollecting those memories nearly renders me in tears.I am actually a bold and strong girl but this incident still instills a strange fear and pain .once my blogger brother advised me to write to vent out my pain.so here it goes
Few months back….
I was kind of depressed.My friend cum bro came up with a idea that a drive can alleviate my mood.
” where are we going ?”I asked.
“Surprise” he replied.
“Don’t play I am in no way interested in your so called drastic drive.”I replied annoyed.
He know exactly how to tackle me…

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