Veronica Aldous


Grown from spider’s wings and legs of ancient Manxmen
The wizened apple doll within its earthy silence
The masked knobbyknockers and freuds
Of linked and spiny museum curiosities
Enthrall the visitors that peer behind the plushy curtains
Inspecting vats of shimmering mermaid toes
Aeolian harps strung on dripping hawthorns
Unsilence of Einsteins, unflowering of blooms
Unpicking of Mallarmes and obstinate flickerings
In hushed seance rooms where dark ladies
Deal cards to  cardboard men for half a pfennig
Serving barbaric custards from enamelled spoons
This is the end of one nerve ending’s impulse
The final bifurcation of an inky scratch on vellum
A spectral thoughtrune tied to a running apis
Down corridors of damp flagstone, here’s the endgame –
My mind sings hollow fulminating tunes.

Veronica Adous 2016  All Rights Reserved

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