Haikumania (The Results)

a nomad in cyberspace

Well, that was fun!

Fishing online for linked haikus netted some little treasures. My thanks to those who contributed. Their sites are well worth visiting – just click on the names below. The first and last haikus are mine, as is the title.

I shall definitely do this again with some variations gleaned from other blogs. WordPress is the best school I’ve ever been to and this little collaboration has been a lovely learning curve for me. Just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn …


Travelling Light

Where to be happy?
Misty lands far away or
here beneath blossom?

Beneath sun and leaf
under an English oak tree
where we breathe and sigh                                   Opher

or sharing our souls
as we nature’s soul share?
The place? In our minds.                                        dunnasead.co

Our minds disconnect
into the sun’s warmth, the wind
a thought on the skin.                                             memadtwo

In the urinous shade
Of the car…

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