doctored ape


on the seventh visit to the garden
(7 – prime/magic measure)
they saw it still heaving
struggling life and death
and thought it good

but not cutting edge

time to up the ante one said
an experiment in acceleration
let’s sophisticate the language
and posture refine appearance
give ’em higher thinking

not one of the big cats said the other
or the balance’ll be screwed again
nor a bird too much of a threat
remember what happened with Project #13

a monkey then?

naughty but with potential
and easy to work on
let’s go for a hybrid

like those funny guys on-?

with more restrictions
if we give ’em verbal reasoning
working memory and chunking
they’ll craft beliefs practise deceit
set up systems of control and barter
hunt in packs discriminate
on grounds of race and colour
and kill for pleasure

they’re already doing much of that
stones sticks traps

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