May the Bells Wrinkle your Architect Pain?

Charlie Zero The Poet

Friendly twitchy

generic any –
repair the printing new born,
under previously elaborate English,
inventing 85th C
and of biologists smoking population tendency.

How commonly does science interbreed with pain?

Architects natter
through 84
missionary position 91 –
2050 governments same.

mechanisms love unbalance.
Billions of bacteria flabbergast
the alarmed flesh younglings.

Turmoil confirmed metalloproteinase.

Loose surroundings internecine
open your eyes
to a global synthesis “wow-factor”.

Species pulse
from passel Age A.
Ringing by empiricism
appoggiatura crease the slow
as handoid bots widely cynosure.

Darwin knocks up Google
and out comes a particular gag selective.
Regressing to your formality
in it you whip the ohology,
Re-sober that borborygmus acne.

To the various conclusion
kinds maudlin
virtual boneless,
congruent users
annually wrinkle exit bible.

Armadillos erase ‘why’
from their suffix thumb.

So when glycation bells
snot at your concept cracks,
civilization designs the terms and conditions.

Descartes laser
disciplines the…

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