Sepia Courtyard

Posted on February 20, 2016

Time, go back—
Return me
To haven
Our courtyard,
Meeting place
With earthen
Fountain, brown—
Flowing cool
On simmered
Youthful days.

Take me there
Through ancient
Lens—these eyes,
Paled hazel—
Which recall
Fond corner
Set apart:
Sharing hearts,
Suntanned hands
Held against
Burning cheeks
Blushed copper.

Dried leaves played
Music ‘neath
Our bare feet,
As umber sky
Drew nearer,
Pelting rain.
We made vows—
Hot courtyard
Ne’er to stop
Loving like
Worries, fear
Of unknown

Love, mem’ries
Don’t fade, age,
Turn color.
I am old—
You, passed on.
Our fountain
Still runs cool.



Source: Sepia Courtyard


4 thoughts on “Sepia Courtyard

  1. There’s a proper way to post other writers’ work: either use the Reblog button, so that it’s clear you’re posting from someone else’s blog; or Ask Permission from the author, and be careful to indicate that the work is copyrighted by the author from whom you’re “borrowing”. Using “Source” and my link really doesn’t sit well with me. You’ve now posted 2 of my poems without requesting permission from me–perhaps it is mere ignorance on your part, which I can forgive, but–kindly refrain from doing this in future. Azul Zaffre

  2. As soon as I saw your comment I did apologize in your site itself and after that i reblog whatever I feel like sharing! I stand corrected. Thanks, Azul Zaffre.

  3. I’m confused as to why this has come up again–I DID reply to your previous comment on my blog last month, thanking you. And I thought everything was cleared up…

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