She, Feathered Cosmic Cellphone

Meta-chorus moonless –
porno cut-up is an endless…

And the carpet crickets’ unlit –
Time waves upside down
asleep by the low portrayed how.

Eagles fold reality
toss the secrete disarray 3rd.

Anti-drone brain hyperventilation

Clumsy dopey, cocoa baggy,
Rosy embryos, feathered cosmic,
she turns her ovaries
like greasy targets.

Grumpy nose, IsIs jolly
dicks & promotion
wrapped in cellophane.

Baby bomb why do you contemplate so thin?

Quit whining
you bashful gene.

Emergency Yum
who also indoctrinates sneezy’s peep.
Never film not beyond as yet.

Pluto heath
possibly the names
Objective gaze

Technology dissolves
in the eye encryption.

H2O population jaded.

Arcade agape
of transparent centipede,

Rigor mortis etiolate
Face editing from blowing shut-does.

Papier Mache’s deplore
don’t you want to um…?
Culinary murders!
Yelled; the zero nobodies.

Grin-hemp turquoise smith –
I bleed wires
and shower myself with paper notes.

Did it ever occur to you
that your bathtub is full of snuff pamphlets?

I sure as hell don’t want to…
cherry execution, draft between a…

Rational thoughts should be slashed by…

Hi! I’m Cygnus my birthday is today.
Greetings to all –
I apologies if eccentric behaviors don’t match your next chapter.

Please wait while we take your call. Goodbye.

Source: She, Feathered Cosmic Cellphone


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