Removable Feast by William Merricle

Your One Phone Call

At the imaginary banquet
the ex-lovers are represented by
a bucketful of dove feathers,
the cosmic order portrayed in Lucky Charms,
unreasonable expectations, syntactical gaffes,
infelicities of style, pH imbalances,
Official Notice of Change in Terms,
cobwebs as expressions of divine justice,
the absence of feck, silly putty molecules, ennui,
Visine, Elmer’s Glue-All, broken trusts,
the words you waited all summer to hear,
the Dead Sea Scrolls prophesying
the romantic things we used to do,
boredom in the outlying areas,
a gross of Bufferin, a trickle of forgetfulness,
a freedom-fry-adorned wardrobe with
inescapable eucharistic overtones,
the Buddha’s rendition of Eve of Destruction,
the eight spaceships of the heart,
plain white pumps left on the blasted heath,
faiths lost and found,
infinite fragility payment due, turtles below,
all that is solid melts into air,
angels hired to transport the blue,
Keats’s nightingale, americium 241,
Eden-sweat and pomosexual surgery.

By dessert all

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