In memory of William Shakespeare

In memory of the bard!


Chandos portraitCobbe portraitThe first page of the First Folio

Kind reader,

Yesterday my thoughts ran liberally and feelingly upon the subject of the Earth’s situation and Mankind’s condition: I might have given you and myself less trouble, since the conclusion could not but be abrupt, brief and unsatisfactory. It is unfortunate to observe that it is beyond any single person’s reach or power to give as complete an account of remedies, as can be given of the dangers that plague the world. But when we sigh, we breathe; and when we breathe, we hope. There is reason to believe that the world will change for the better one day and a great catastrophe will be prevented: But whether the full resolution will proceed suddenly from the diffusion of a sort of heavenly spirit, or from the example of a lesser catastrophe, I cannot determine. But enough of this.

Though this day was as sweet as yesterday’s, if not more…

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