From the cerebellum

took off the gnats

whizzing through the dura mater

gnawing at the frontal sinus

excruciating pain sutured pleasure dig

the hard-nosed to thaw

the deep down base to drip


You are my migraine

my love!


Poem and digital collage by Chithan Prasadh

——————–On Deepa Aavali Day / 2-11-2013


12 thoughts on “MIGRAINE

  1. I pressed the gmail link and got ‘The webpage cannot be found (http 404)’ – please send a working link and I will send you my favourable impressions of your magazine!

  2. http://thewagonmagazine.com – I treid from here. It connects Dave. I am not looking for a favourable impression please. Be critical since it is a mock-up issue. I need all the guidance, Sir. It is going to be both in print and digital versions. Please you can contribute too since I am aiming for a global platform

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